The clock is running. Make the most of Today, Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that’s why it is called the present.

Always got to kick it back with a bit of Kung Fu Panda.


It was actually written by Alice Morse Earle (April 27, 1851 – February 16, 1911) an American historian and author from Worcester, Massachusetts, only the big and white P made it mainstream. 


The clock is ru…


Plan B?

I’m coming round to that ripe old fruity moment that we call adulthood. A stage that we ponder, a mysterious veiled part of life that we don’t really acknowledge until moments before, until we are left wondering:

“What the hell do I do now?”

The clock hand slowly ticks away, leaving  a ring that echoes in your thoughts. Yep, I guess I have pretty much got to that stage, I’m no longer blowing bubble, wondering what mum’s cooking for tea or watching Disney. Well, that’s a lie I do occasionally test my Disney knowledge, you know, for reasons of self development. You never know when your going to be scooped up of the streets and placed on national T.V playing for 1 million big ones, when you come round to hearing that innocent little question

“Who was Simba’s jelly on the side?”

and well cause your monkey ass thought you were to cool to check into some morality batting Disney oldies, you tell the host Simba was fooling around with Pinocchio. The absurdity causes you to lose 1 mil, and the heart of every lion king loving individual, even the host wants to slap you.

That’s the reason I haven’t checked out of some educational goodness. I don’t like people touching my face.

Let’s remain on topic. Baby Jesus.

As a kid I said  when i turned 20, I’d study languages. I’d have a boat and I would sail it to Samoa and set up a little cabbage patch near the beach, spending my days drinking coconut juice while watching the best moments of friends on Youtube.

Here is where the problem is: I’m nearly 21. I can’t seem to find any good distance learning Samoan courses. I don’t have a boat, I still haven’t done my driving license, but before this all becomes negative, I did manage to finish my cycling proficiency, although I never really felt I was given the grade that I deserved. Nor do I know how to build a boat. Quite frankly I’m not to sure if I know the way to Samoa……. Tricky Tricky Tricky. If we are all sharing and being really good honest people, I’m not actually the biggest fan of cabbage.

I guess i’ts time for plan B………………………find a sugar mumma……


Yours sincerely Mr, Mr


“People where you live,” the little prince said, “grow five thousand roses in one garden… yet they don’t find what they’re looking for…

They don’t find it,” I answered.

And yet what they’re looking for could be found in a single rose, or a little water…”

Of course,” I answered.

And the little prince added, “But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart.”
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

“People where y…


Torn between two.




In the distance there are only specks of lights accompanies with the sounds of crashing waves, but everything else is calm. Silence distills my senses. My ears, my eyes obsessed with the moment. A bird passes but does not greet me with sounds that passes with it’s flaps, ignoring me as he flies his errands. Torn between the mysteries of the sea, I seek only to venture forth , the horizon lies alone, lonely. It calls me to pursue my needs. As I sit in my canoe, i see all that I know, houses, mountains, lights, people, struggle, hustle, noise, then the other side. Nothing. No sounds that I hold familiar. I sit there in my creaky canoe. Appreciating all that surrounds me, but as all things, it is subject to time. As the sun removes itself from the day. I must return to the shore, guided by the crashing waves. my day at the beach slowly comes to an end.

Yours sincerely Mr,Mr


“Be all that you can be, and more. So you can inspire others to do the same.”

It’s easy to forget the reasons that inspired your decisions to set out in the first place. It’s easy to lose our thoughts and our direction, to forget where we are and all the things you have achieved in this crazy world. Cause, well that’s exactly what it is. Crazy. Unpredictable, full of twists and turns, ups and downs. It makes a man dizzy. It creates that sickly feeling that burns in your stomach and rises to your throat, after you have taken on a roller coaster, but time is all it needs. Time is everything. It cost nothing but in reality it’s the most precious thing that can be afforded, time to spend playing your favorite video games, to play with your pets, but most importantly, time to spend with those that want to spend theirs with you.  Time is your budget that you have here on earth. Of course you want more! A lot of the time you will think you have wasted your money. Bad decisions, but there are no cash backs……..unfortunately. You need to take what you’ve been given and make the wrong decisions to make the right ones. You won’t always instantly realise in the moment how it will turn out, but as everything, change is for the good or for the worse. If your eyes are wide enough you see what you need to, standing there in front of you, glowing in it’s brilliance, reflecting off the sea, standing amongst your new friends and family, and you hope that the moment endures the battle against time a little longer. The moment will last as long as it needs to, not a little more nor a little less. Because this here life is full of wonderful and majestic things that deserve living. Not everyone you meet will stay but the important ones leave their print. If your clever enough, you lock it away and keep it forever, until one day when you sit down in your old age. Slippers. Teeth resting in the glass you use to drink from in your youth surrounded by your friends. You will turn on that ugly little lamp shade that rests on your bed side table. Crying, laughing at your life memories. Finally realsing, all that money you kept saving up has lost it’s worth.

I think I understand well enough, sure I’m young but I used the time that I had wisely. I’ve learnt a couple of things. I’ve learnt enough to know that you can not waste the opportunities that you have been given, and those that haven’t been handed to you, you must take with both hands, and don’t you dare let go!!!! If it slips from your finger tips you have to find the courageous enough to wipe the sweat from your forehead and saddle up once again and ride it to the end!!!

This here life ain’t for living solo, I use to live alone, I’ve been living alone, sometime you need it to kick back, to put pen to paper and reflect, but every little thing you do effects that person sitting next to you, even if you were just breathing, your breath is a fresh air, liberating.

Be all that you can be, and more. So you can inspire others to do the same.

Yours sincerely Mr, Mr



At every initial instant, when our curious eyes fall upon an unusual shadow. Based upon only looks, with the absence of character, persona or shared experience, we have ourselves a judgement. Looks can be deceptive and judgements deadly.

Stashed behind the counter, coiled ready to please those KFC craving customers , my eyes fall upon an unusual shadow. A tall kinda guy, not so handsome but not so ugly, already sizing him up before we are acquainted. “HELLO, GOOD MORNING!” I yell a bit louder then a shoulda, but enough to catch his attention, at least I thought. Completely ignored. Standing casually in front of me, not even the courtesy to meet my gaze. Iirritated,my mind goes into a frenzied blood thirsty attack the subject being his clothing, looks, how he probably conducts himself, potential reasons to why he is unaccompanied, all of which had he of heard would have either prolonged the silence that stood idly between us, or ceased it to be abruptly followed by a formulated pattern of words used in retaliation of my cognition. Have you ever considered yourself a bit of a mind reader? Telling to those who aren’t quick enough to get away, but also naive enough to believe. “pick a number between 1-10……no no….1-5….no…1 or 2. Setting yourself up with a 50% ratio, however there is a trick to this childs play, you choose a person you have asked before preferably a youngster possibly at the age of 6 At this ripe old age the specimen should have short little legs which make for a difficult get away, being naive, but old enough to possess a minuate of interest. It just so happens I consider my self one of those brain reading renegades, and it just so happens I have myself a 6 year old nephew. perfect, I know. The professional picks an identical subject because they, 75% of the time pick the same number, so you have taken your 50% and cashed it in for a hefty 75%. After motioning your hands as if you are looking into their little brains, you Say that magical number ‘2…….yep it’s definitely 2”. Jaw dropped to his colar looking as though he just bout seen a miracle, he wanders off into the open world perplexed and stunned.

Fortunately for us, our outlander does not reap these supernatural powers, that would most likely end me up in the infirmary. Slowly approaching my till. Still silent. removing his hands from his pockets he gestures for a pen. He is deaf and dumb. That flaming rage burning inside me is now blowing back into my face. How could I have utilised such an ill manner, unable to stand my own reflection. Continuing the rest of the service with a forced smile, adding an extra piece of chicken, mostly I think for my own satisfaction, trying to take the heat off the fire, although it is out, I feel the embers burn against my skin. Annoyed and frustrated, I declare I shall not do it again! A new man!

Yours sincerely, lesson learner